About Angel Support Center

Angel Support Center is a specified non-profit organization that conducts independence support activities for children living under social care. Established with headquarters in Tachikawa-city, Tokyo in 2002, it was certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2003.
We are implementing a support program for independence to children living in child care homes and foster parent families. In addition, we are active in Japan throughout Japan, with the aim of contributing to the independence of children by supporting informationization support to child welfare facilities, staff training, survey and evaluation activities.

In Japan, Children living in child rearing facilities and foster parent families have more than 40,000 people nationwide due to parents’ abuse and difficulty in raising children. Every years, about 2,000 young people leave the facilities or foster parents, at the age of 18 and start living alone in dormitories and apartments etc for employment or education.

Those who can not receive support from their families must decide and resolve themselves individually even at the age of 18 for various day-to-day events and problems. Sometimes it becomes isolated or involved in problems in society due to major changes from living and the environment such as employment, advanced studies, living alone. In such a situation, the thought that has arisen from the site of child welfare, “Let’s do something for them” is the driving force of the establishment of the Angel Support Center.

We have been implementing independence support programs jointly from 2012 for children care facilities in Tohoku district(Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate) that became more difficult environment than ever due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in March 2011.

Volunteers with expertise such as welfare institution staff, psychologists, university teachers, IT, university students, facility graduates are participating in the activities. As the members of society, all the members including the president and others have their own work and core business, and support the child welfare.

Main business

  • Activities to support self-reliance, from child care institutions and foster parent families
  • Training for child assistance staff, etc. of child welfare facilities
  • Survey and research on admitted children in child care institutions